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quick question about b&ps for 92mm heads

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hi, im about to order some barrels and pistons for my engine build and have heads that are machined for 1835 but have read alot about them being thin walled and i plan on this engine lasting me a while so want 1776 to be on the safe side for the sake of 59cc...

basically all im asking, is the external diameter for the 1776 b&ps the same as the 1835? so will it fit my heads okay?

thankyou!!! :)
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Thanks :) I haven't been able to find all the different measurements like that :) 1776 it is then
ive had 1835 in my fully kitted camper for 3 years with no over heating issues.... thrashed it up snowdon in august no issues.

its also been down santapod (20.05s).

used it for lots of towing with a full van still no issues.
Lots of folks are running around on 92mm p&b's without any probs.

There's lots of crap talked about "thin wall" p&b's but decent make sets are fine if the engine is setup and maintained correctly.
Just avoid the cheap shit products even in stock sizes.

It's not worth changing pistons / barrels for the extra cc's but it's worth considering if you're buying a new set anyway.
Right, that sounds promising, maybe it is worth th extra cc's then same price and same build :/

Thanks for the info :)
Just make sure that you buy a decent make and everything on your engine is setup correctly, including your cooling tinware and oil system otherwise you'll shorten the life on even stock p&b's.

Too many folks just bolt on cheap shit parts, or just bolt on new p&b's without sorting out the rest of the motor, or don't maintain the motor properly... then wonder why they have probs.:rolleyes:

Good luck with the build.:)
Are Mahle pistons essential? And the only bit I need to understand about the tinware it the thermostat and linkage because the engine I have came with no tinware and my single port tinware from a 1200 obviously won't work, but I think I'll understand the linkage once I get it and have a proper look

Maybe I should put a wanted add up on here for full tinware set as its expencive new
Are Mahle pistons essential?
Not essential, but usually good.

Maybe I should put a wanted add up on here for full tinware set as its expencive new
Could be a good plan.

A decent manual will help a lot too.
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