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Quick question.:)

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Evening All, :)

Quick question, does anybody know if anywhere makes 4 stud (130) beetle wheels in 14 inch instead of 15 inch diameter. Or is this something you'd never see cos they arent made?

Im guessing 15 inch are probably the smallest made eh?


John :elvis:
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I think I once saw a set of "weller" steel 14 inch rims to fit 4 stud. It was a while back though.

Melbers come in 14", speak to Jabbo, I think he's still got a set for sale.
They sell 14" steel wheels on ebay for 4 stud beetles... Mangles make them (brazilian company i think) who also make a lot of other standard wheels. They look like alloys in all fairness and are cheap to buy per set (£100). If they were a bit bigger Id probably buy them for my bug but 15" is fine for me.
There are also some Weller steel wheels on there too, which are 14" as has already been suggested. :)
ok, thanks for the info guys. ;)
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