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Racing @ Lydden today

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Superb racing today with the Beetles taking on and beating some tough opposition.
Stu Baylis made an amazing start fron 8th to come out in 3rd after the first corner! and went on to finish a well deserved 4th overall. Jon passed Stu for a while but unfortunatley sufered a terminal engine failure that side lined him for the 2nd race, but is determined to be back for the next race.

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what do you have to do to have a go at that ? :)
Get a competition race licence, buy some race wear, and a car.

Whole package 3-5 grand to get out and get started
hey there dude, was yours the one where you had an engine fire a while back... looking as sweet as a nut now...
looks like good fun what race series is it your running in ?, seems to be a wide selection of cars entered, do you get big grids ?.

Are the bugs competative against XR2's etc ?.

is there any more races this season ?, if there is I might see if I can get along to one.
info here on the championship they run in next round is 28th of next month
The championship is an open series they so there's no telling what they race against or what spec the cars are in, its all in classes to suit.
The main series they run in is the Saloon & Sports championship, but usually also enter the Saloon & Sports car trophy race for some extra track time + you get a discount the entry's more races you do

Yep that was Stuarts car that had engine fire a couple of weeks back No 41
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