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Ragtop Beetle Project

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Overall a pretty solid bug which needs some love to get it back on the road. It's 1973 so can be applied for Tax exemption.
What I can see needs doing is, welding to the inside of the O/S heater channel.
Electrics going over.
Engine will run but it needs tuning etc.
Rear inner arch needs welding and has bad bodywork around this area.
Gutters will need tidying up a bit.
Probably a couple of other patches here and there.
Floor pans are very solid see pics.
its is on an adjustable and 3" narrowed beam with dropped spindles.
Not too much work to get it on the road if you want to leave it as a rat look.
Interior is pretty good.
Lots of spares include a disassembled 1300 twin port engine and a reasonable bonnet.
Does not come with empi sprintstars.
Price is £1000

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Engine is a 1300 twin port, I think it was last on the road in 2008 when I got it. Its been stored away with not a lot happening to it ever since.
Do you still have this dude? also any chance you could send me some pics of the problem areas e.g. gutters and the bad body work around rear inner arch. cheers. I am interested but would like to see a few more pics of the trouble spots before making a trip from Wolverhampton.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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