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Hi all.

Random Nights are a group of friendly peeps who have met for a cruise and a chat since 2005. Its all about good attitude and good people. The majority of cars that join us are classic dubs bugs and busses but come in what ya want it just makes it more interesting!

Where have we been?.......we've been bubbling away 'underground' for a few years now with a hardcore few still meeting regulary and hitting the shows together but the time is right to go public again when the weather gets a bit warmer! :)

Notified by Whatsapp, we meet at Halford (not banned us yet lol) off M1 J33, then cruise in convoy to a pub for grub.

I'll post up any organised meets on here and notify people via WHATSAPP. (Download it if not already on there. It's free & easy to use). If you want adding drop me a text to Oh 796 76 Two 5619 with your name ;)
After each meet I'll post up a few pics on the same cruise thread.

Occasionally I plan to revive the Diner meets too. These used to be a great fun attracting cars from a wide area. These were at OK Diner north side on the A1 nr Newark but looking for a new location.

Show cruises. If you would like to cruise in convoy to some of the shows we visit your more than welcome to join us. This has been a little tricky recently with such varied work commitments so often we arrive individually, but if i can sort it I will. Will need whatsapp for this as timing updates have to be done on the fly.

www.randomnights.co.uk (address will be pointed here soon, not using old forum any longer)

Catch you soon :)
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