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Rear tinware query ‘74 bug

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This is driving me nuts. ‘74 Beetle 1600 twin port and will have twin Weber 34 ICT’s and J tubes so I need to change the rear tinware over the exhaust for the type with no holes. It has the “wider” breast plate.

Problem is I can’t find anywhere the right shape rear tinware, they all seem to be moulded for the narrow breast plate?

This is the one I bought but it just doesn’t fit:
Light Helmet Fender Gas Bumper

Hood Luggage and bags Bag Motor vehicle Gas

The breast plate:
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Tread Wheel

Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Automotive wheel system

And comparison with the one that came off which also wasn’t a sound fit:

Wood Gesture Thigh Font Brick

Gas Auto part Automotive tire Metal Wood

Question then, I am wasting my time trying to get the right rear tin? Any issue if I switch the breast plate for the narrower one which should fit the replacement rear tin I already have?

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If you want to block up the air hose holes in standard tin - here's a neat and fairly easy way to do it - On ebay you can buy ready cut discs cut from aluminum or stainless, get some slightly larger than the holes (say 70mm) then drill a hole in the centre, put one disc each side of the tin and put a bolt / machine screw in the centre to clamp them up.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts