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Recommend a timing light?

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Any recommendations for a budget strobe light for my beetle?
Or ones to avoid

It will only be used on my beetle every 3000 miles/ 12 months or so, so no need for Snap-on quality just one to get the job done

Never used one before - are there any 'nice to have' features I should look out for

Thanks guys

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Also interested - something with RPM/dwell seems to be a good idea, but becomes pricey.
Get an 'advance' timing light. This will allow you to dial in your advance/retard, and enables you to time from any mark on the flywheel, negating the need for a degreed pulley.

I've got a Gunson Supastrobe which I bought for under £20 inc postage second hand from ebay. Excellent quality piece of kit for DIY use.....



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Oh, and for RPM/Dwell, I use one of these....


Again - excellent piece of kit.
cheers Rhodrich!

Al, let's not bid on the same one eh? ;)

Was looking at the Gunson ones and a similar multi meter at the weekend. Seems I'm sorted with what I'm after :)
my Gunson Supastrobe ebay buy arrived last week in it's full chrome shineyness! :D

tested it to see if it works and was crap then remembered something I read on here about the pick up on plug lead 1 having a direction arrow and hey presto - it works!

what do you guys do for the battery connection - the curly telephone wire just about reached the battery through the popout .....

....mmm thinking about this whilst typing, is the big connection on top of the alternator live? is that and the body for earth viable connections? what do you use? coil?

I use a cheap strobe without an advance function, I just have marks on my pulley for 7.5 degrees and 32 degrees BTDC. That's all I need to ensure the mech and vac advances are working correctly :)

For connections, the +ve terminal on the coil works well for me, and it can be earthed to anything in the engine bay. No need for it to be direct to the battery.
Gunsons "Tachostrobe" is cheap, 12 volt, I connect it to the coil + and a tinware screw, it has a reasonably bright Xenon lamp, and inductive pick-up. I don't use the 'banjo string' tacho part.
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