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I have these Heads listed on ebay. They were reconditioned back in November 92 but were never used and have been dry stored ever since. I have the recipet to prove this totalling £153.31. It also says VW 1.7 so im assuming this is the cc size. If anyone can tell me how I can find out what cc etc they are it would be appreciated. I would prefer collection in Person but can post at cost (not sure on price will have to look in to it) I can also take to Dub Freeze. Any questions just ask and I will try my best to help.

Here is what it says on the reciept

VW 1.7

Remove and fit all guides and cut seats £32.00

Cut inlet valves £5.00

Decoke and lapin valves assemble £30.00

4x Exhaust Valves £21.60

4x Inlet Guides £18.44

4 x Exhaust Guides £18.44

Clean all parts £5.00

Total £130.48

+ Vat £22.83

Total £153.31


Tanya xx

Heres the ebay link:


I am looking for between £50-£100 for the pair.

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the part number on the head will tell you or others what they are

look like 1700 ones as the mounting holes are well clear of the raised bit surrounding the barrel location
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