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Dear All,

Having decided (in theory) to save myself hassle in solving the problem of a non starting car and fit a shiny new starter motor to my '64 T34 I have now come up against a problem........

The starter motor fits onto the bell housing by mounting on two studs, a couple of nuts later and the thing should be fixed. The existing lower nut was removed with ease, however, when attempting to remove the upper one (the one that's really awkward to get to as it's only 3" below the floor of the rear luggage compartment and an arms length in from the wheel arch) my initial joy at turning the nut was replaced by dismay as I watched the whole stud turn as well! The stud & nut together turn relatively freely but nothing gets looser and I'm not making any progress.

An amount of time sitting infront of the wheel arch staring vacantly at the problem lead me to the conclusion that this is probably why my car had two 6v batteries installed as the guy (idiot) that did the work for the previous owner doubtless came up against the same problem when he noticed the starter motor deteriorating and decided that rather than remove the starter he would piggy back another battery onboard to turn it over quicker - but I'm no detective............

How do I remove the stud / nut? Any ideas, anyone?
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