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ReWiring Advice

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Going to start rewiring my bodyshell next week when its back from the shop, picked up a new Loom, but, as Im going to be replacing the 6v 1200 with 2332cc with all the goodies, how many extra wires should I run to the back?

Will be needing a remote cooler, but will run that from a relay with a supply direct from the battery, what else should I allow for and how many extra wires would you run?

Is a multicore a bad idea?


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Multicore is a good idea, the new stuff is great. Vehiclewiringproducts.co.uk is a good source. Not too sure about how many extra wires though. I'd allow for anything else that you might need in the future too.
I pulled extra wires through the standard loom, not as hard as it sounds, when you have the whole thing out and stretched straight on the lounge carpet.
Added wires for: Oil temp sender. Oil pressure sender, Cylinder head temp sender, Rear fog light, alarm sensor on decklid, rear parcel shelf speakers. With the new thin cables, you can get them all in the standard sleeving, makes it all nice and neat.
That's great, hand thought of the Cylinder head temp, thanks a lot
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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