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Road Tax & a 67 Beetle

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Is there a way of telling by looking at the V5 if my beetle *is* tax free? I suspect its not as the Taxation Class is PLG, I think it shoud be Historic Vehicle? Just looked at my mates Triumph v5 and it says Historic.

I know it should be tax exempt for the age, but didnt the owner have to fill a form in to register it? This one has been off theroad for 12 years. Also comes up as £60ish for 6 months on here too http://www.vehiclelicence.gov.uk/EvlPortalApp/


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Do you not just change the class of the car on the V5 to historic & send it off?
Looks like I'll have to go to the local DVLA office to do that, just SORN'd it as its not been in the tax system since 1992, the DVLA website said they "may be in contact" about the missing 14 years!!!
Not that easy Vicster I'm afraid. You'll need a letter from a DVLA approved source - most clubs are qualified to do one - stating that it was made on a date before 31-12-72. Shouldn't be difficult though. And it's great going into the post office and paying zilch. My mate demanded a 6 month tax disc for his historic - they couldn't work out why ;)
if you have a log book which says date of first registration was pre 72, the vehicle has to be insured and MOT`d then you have to contact the DVLA and they are supposed to change it to historic, my bay is 72 and because its been off the road since 91 its not listed as tax exempt but thats what the DVLA said to me.
As bugsy says if the logbook shows a first registration date prior to 1st jan 1973 you can simply take it into DVLA office and get it changed, if it does not but is manufactured prior to this date you need to get a dating letter either from VW which now costs £30 or from a club, we do them for £10
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