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Roof on early bay and other camper questions

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I'm looking at getting an early bay ideally. Can anyone tell me what is going on with the roof on this please? Looks like a conversion has been removed and steel put back. I'm not sure but I presume an original tin top was one whole piece.


How difficult is it for short people like me to drive a camper (I'm about 5'4")?

Putting a roof conversion on a tin top would devalue it I presume (and I wouldn't want to do it for historic reasons) but doing it if it previously had one, as this may have, would be ok right?

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I'm just seeing a tintop there pal- the little raised portion is just part of the pressing of the roof.
a ragtop conversion would lower the value, but a nice quality westy style poptop may not- they do add a lot of practicality. All about how it's done.
As for your height-best thing is to try one out, either at a show or (if you're genuinely interested in buying the vehicle) while checking it out. Just have a sit, make sure you can reach the pedals (when they're fully depressed).
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Looks fine to me too. Do a google search and see what they normally look like if you're not sure.

Old cars have a lot less adjustment in terms of seat and steering wheel so the only way to know is to try. As said, biggest thing to check (as in any car) is that you can push the clutch all the way to the floor comfortably. Steering can feel heavy, but as long as you get in the habit of only only trying to turn the steering wheel while rolling it should be manageable.
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