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Run face recognition!

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it matches your face with famouse people ,and shoows who you look like
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I only look like me apparently! :crazy:
gwen seffani and david blaine.... :lol:
just got david beckham and colin powell
fingy said:
gwen seffani and david blaine.... :lol:
:confused: how does that work?? :crazy:
you have to registar ,only takes seconds ,a mate sent it to me on email ,sratchin me head for a while cos i could not get it to work ,u gotta sign up
sleepflower said:
:confused: how does that work?? :crazy:
my brown eyes i think
haha what a laugh! Kate Winslett (yes I can see the resemblance in body shape but not face) and Heather Locklear! haha I wish! :D :D

Made me smile on this dull boring friday afternoon. ;)
well i posted this....

and i got back noone?
i wonder why??
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my other half looks like caprice.sort of :D
I came out as Jim Morrison. I can see the ressemblance though! :D

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Tomarse said:
I came out as Jim Morrison. I can see the ressemblance though! :D

o yeh thats cool
oh my fucking god i got angelina jolie i am so happy :D :D :D :)

opps im aps not bloo just incase you all thought it was bloo happy being a girl :crazy:
patrick swayzee and the missus looks like beyonce

its hard to be humble ;)
i got jonny dep.........and mathew perry.......how cool is that.......but i look rough today after a big night out with a hangover.
lol :D :D
Got us all right
Hubby; Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
10 year old daughter; James Martinez)
7 year old son ;Jamie Lny Spears) yep thats right way round
12 year old daughter ;Anastacia
and me just spot on

Demi Moore

Thank you :hug:
Heath Ledger?!

Now I need to find out who he is...
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