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Runner or Project(any state) Beetle/Campervan

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I'm looking for a pre 73 beetle or for a campervan.

I need either a running example with MOT for around the 2K mark or a project leaving me with enough cash to get a run-around so i can get to work and back.
Not picky with runner aslong as its solid and reliable, for project anything considered. Pref bay

Feel free to get in touch :)

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71 early bay

pic's on the for sales page take alook
fancy a 73 square? 1000 pounds no mot tho!! let me know i'll send you info of what needs doing
Hi, 1974 westy type 2, 11 months mot? £2k needs panel work, mot says not structural. send me pm with email and i will send pics
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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