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Running DIESEL through your engine!!!!!

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Just been reading "How to keep your Volkswagen alive" and it suggests (page 117) to run a quart of diesel through your engine to clean it out. Anyone done this ??? Sounds a little dodgy to me , Please comment.
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It does the same as running Redex through the engine, to de-coke it / burn off carbon deposits. Makes big clouds of smoke great fun.
Personally wouldnt run diesel through the engine, the idea as has been said is to clear all the carbon build up from inside the engine but this can sometimes cause other problems because of the age of the engine, its best to just use good quality petrol and redex/additive from time to time and keep the engine running smoothly.
carb/injector cleaner or redex while running. Though diesel did do wonders on bringing my stood engine back to life! In the scheme of things, an engine is probably helped by the coke over time. This is much like the kitchen tap theory. Add a descaler to the system to help the flow of water; this ends up in your old taps leaking everywhere because the limescale as blocking leakages
Diesel works - but make certain the engine is warm, and you dribble it in through the carb at low rate - too much and you could bog it down and be difficult to start.

Works a treat on old crusty engines - and as Laurence F says - clouds of whiteish smoke is great fun.
yep it is said to decoke the engine. only put it in slowly though the carbs and only when the engine has been well warmed 10mins. leave it for bout 5 mins after aswell to make sure it is all out coz it will be a bugger to start after.
Thing is a lot of development in the field of petrol detergents has happened since that book was written.

Personally, I've found that filling up the tank once every so often with Shell Optimax/V-power will do a damn sight better than the most expensive petrol additive. And the Shell stuff only works out as an extra £2 per tankfull on a Bay!
Talking about diesel in petrol engines I have heard some people use Diesel grade oil as it is better suited to hot running (as in aircooled) and does not break down
dunno about the cooling affect as thats all in the oil rating ie 10w40, i forget which one means what but one measn its viscositly at normal temp, ie, engine off, abnd the othe rmenas when its hot.... or summat like that, theres loads of topics abou tthe correct oil to use tho

the only benifits i can see using a deisel engine oil over s apertol engine oil is thay they have loads more engine cleaning substances/detergent etc.....in them thus cleaning the inside of your engine better.
How do you know if a detergent has actually done any good or not?

Is your car suddenly quicker after a slug of shell optimax?
stodge said:
How do you know if a detergent has actually done any good or not?

Is your car suddenly quicker after a slug of shell optimax?
it's only quicker because there is less wright in your wallet :)
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