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Anyone else on here have that feeling that they are no way near fit enough and think that taking up running is a good idea?

I started about a month ago, but am struggling massively at the moment..... Can't seem to get going and am lacking motivation to improve.

Does anyone on here know how much I should be starting with, and how often and have any hints on ways to improve?

I want to set myself a challenge....... target, but not sure what is achievable. (I'm really unfit and need to start from the beginning)
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Great to see so many people supporting each other through their pain :D
I only went and entered the Birmingham half marathon:eek:
currently running 8 miles once a week in about 1.15 which is a good enough time for me, Will be upping the distance and times per week
through the summer. Not gonna enjoy this but I want to do it :)
This thread has passed me by until now.
As it happens - me and emma123 are entered in the Birmingham half marathon too! Bit scary!

Both overweight at mo, and so are starting from scratch. Got a plan over the next 16 weeks to increase speed and distance. Managed 2 miles in 22 mins on Sunday which Im really proud of, so fingers crossed we can keep the motivation going!
That's how it starts. Next thing you know you'll be running across Tower Bridge wondering how the fuck you got yourself into this.
Back on it

Managed 3 runs last week in the following flavours....

Tuesday: 6 miles

Thursday: 4.5 miles

and for pudding,

Saturday: 5 miles

After a around a month off it wasn't easy but pleased that I'm still '10k fit'. Lucky really because on the 25th July....


P.s. Had a Stag Do at the weekend so I'm very jaded. May leave my next run until tomorrow. The main thing is; I'm back on it!
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I had a practice of the 10k I'm running on Sunday at the weekend after a tip off from my brother that it's mostly cross country. It is as well :eek: Couldn't do the whole course as some wasn't accessible but managed a very wet, muddy and slippy 6.75 miles in 1hr 12mins. So looking at a 1hr 6mins 10k even on slippy mud.

The best thing? For the first time since the marathon I really enjoyed it!
Keep it up folks,
Back at it

Back at it properly now and hope not to let it slide as I really need to get on track for my half marathon in October which is also when I find out if I'm in the London Marathon 2011.
This was me in action on Sunday at the end of a 10k cross country.

Very hot day and no water stops :eek: so I kinda regret drinking my bottle before the race! I managed a 9:49 minute mile and a total time of 1hr and 1min. Due to commitments this week I didn't have a rest day yesterday and ran 4.5 miles in 43 mins. Despite this I appear to have put on weight over the weekend :rolleyes::lol:
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As per sig I'm doing a half-marathon in October. Last night was a 5.5 miler on very level going in 48 mins, which is OK for a 51 y/o.

Building up to 40 miles a week with one ten miler and four/five of 6 miles.
Only just spotted your sig. I'll sponsor you on payday (Thursday) but give me a prod if I forget.
Oh this local club are doing a 10K in October. :eek:
Do it.
I completed an 8.5 mile race recently with lots of hills. The last race I did when I was at school, I fell over and broke my arm, eek, so I was quite nervous! My goal was simply to run the whole thing and run across the finish line, which I did, so I was chuffed.
Well done! If you can run 8.5 miles over hills you can do a half marathon ;) Keep it up.
On the day of the race find a lass (ideally with a nice arse) who is running just a bit faster than you feel totally comfortable, and keep up with her ;)
Not just me who does that then.
What would be a respectable time to complete it in?
Finishing is respectable ;) The Warrington half marathon which I'll be running again this year has a time limit of 3 hours which is a 13 minute 45 seconds per mile pace. Last year I manged 2hrs 27mins with 2 pulled calf muscles (happened at 11 miles). I had been on course for 2hrs 14mins until the injury.
Just went out for an easy paced, but long run.

10.55 miles, 98 minutes, with a bit of a climb in it, and most of it paths/tracks, so not exactly a fast surface.

The climb graph:

Not too shabby. You put me to shame. Just back from a 10km run which took me 1hr 2mins. Glad I did it though because my head was saying; 'fuck that, eat some pies instead' :lol: That's 17 miles for me in the last 4 days so I'm pretty confident I'm 'back on it' after letting things slide post marathon. I'll now build up slowly to October's half marathon.
Not really, mate. I'm a racing snake (6', 11st 8) and I've been running for the last 35 years (I'm 51). I have no great speed, but I can keep going at a fair pace for a long-ish time.
Put a few pennies in the pot for you today old bean. Good luck for the run!
Just got home from my first half marathon, I ran it in two hours dead. Got bleeding nips though
quite pleased to have finished it and not had to walk at all. ;-)))))
Congratumalations! Great time.
Vaseline for the next race.
Andy - thanks for your donation - out for some speed* training tonight.
A pleasure :)

I don't want to get beaten by a 78 y/o granny
I've given up trying to beat the old folk. I see them at the start line and I know most of them can beat me :lol:
Morning Slackers,
How we all doing? My last 'long' run was 2 weeks after the marathon at 12 miles. I have since stuck to 10k or less and lost my confidence somewhat. That was until this week when an email reminded me that I had 8 weeks left to prepare for the half marathon :eek: so after a 6 miler on Monday I bust out of my comfort zone on Wednesday with a 7.75 mile run in 78 mins.
It has reminded me how much easier I find longer distances than short ones. It takes me 3-5 miles to settle down, battling the urge to stop the whole time, so this run has boosted my confidence again and I hope to tackle 9 miles either today or tomorrow.
Watch this space.
Good work dude...
I have been running as far as the pub and then stopping for the rest of the day...
I may resume my routine next week... and try for 5k to get back in the spirit..... we shall see ;)
When is your half marathon and where?
Now you're talking, I'd rather be in the pub :D My half marathon is in Warrington on Sunday 3 October 2010:


It's (and my) second year.
not starting running again until tommorrow morning! (2 weeks off) gonna try and do 8 miles but we will see!

had a bit of a result in the last 2 weeks though! i have managed to drop my weight to 104 kg without trying! with a little luck i will be able to drop into double figures with a few weeks work!!:)

need to find a taget now!!!!

and by the way nice work smull!!:D
Thank you :) Just gotta keep up the momentum now! I've been doing Slimming World with wifey and I've lost 9lbs in the last couple of weeks just by eating healthier and running. I'm now 103.5 kg so we're quite similar.
From the sound of that, I reckon you need to work out some sort of warm up routine (or extending it) before you start running in earnest.
Any tips/links to a good routine Glen? I have to admit my warm up is woeful :eek: A couple of mins stretching and a walk to the 'start'. That said tonight's run was great and I nailed 9.25 miles in 93 mins and I know I have the ability now for 11 or more.
Basically, at a push, I could do a half marathon now and I have 7 weeks left to get better.
I'm a pleased bunny.

I have 3 weeks to go until the half marathon and my training has been sporadic to say the least. I have broke through my recent comfort zone of no more than 10k to achieve a couple of 7.5 mile and one 9.25 mile runs in the last few weeks but I am nervous about my upcoming challenge and had considered pulling out.

Just had too much to do, life getting in the way and all :rolleyes: anyways, been out for a 5 miler tonight and all went well. It helped that it was a nice night too!

Anyways, if anyone can be arsed, bump this thread up if I don't update every few days and tell me to get off my fat arse :D I need to do this half marathon.

Thanks and well done :) I should run today. I say should because my house is suffering the aftermath of a 3 year old's party. 38 adults and 16 kids rampaged through here yesterday :eek: and getting the place straight is today's job. I'll see how I feel after that!
Hopefully your surgeon can 'rejig' but if not I think your op is more important than a race.
Take it easy old bean
This half marathon lark is catching. I'm in the Birmingham one on 24th October. Up to 10.7 miles last Sunday and this morning in 101 minutes last week, and 95 minutes this week. I've never run this s=distance before so I'm quite pleased I can make it :)
Good effort Rich and good luck with the run.

Well, for me tomorrow is D-day, my half marathon training has been very sporadic and I only have about 1 and a half weeks left to sort my shit out :( I have planned a 10 mile run tomorrow and deliberately made the route so it takes me away from my home leaving me no choice but to complete the distance. Let's hope it works, if not I think I am going to have to pull out of the half marathon which after completing the London Marathon only 5 months ago would be a sorry state of affairs.
Wish me luck,
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