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Running shoes on a budget?

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For running in, not posing about in :lol:

I want to start running with my personal trainer (dog) more and will be running mostly off road on bridalways and footpaths - I'm quite certain that you get what you pay for and I can't afford too much, but anything will be better than my current £5 Lidl jobbies :crazy:

I'm mostly skint and will be shopping on ebay or some similar online store.

Any recommendations for specific shoes or manufacturers to look out for will be gratefully received, thanks :)
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Running shoes all depend on the individual, and how much running you intend to do

there are a number of makes that specialise in running trainers, Asics and Saucony are a couple, but canm cost over £100 when fitted properly by professionals, if you are on a budget you may find some on ebay
read here for more

Thanks VDJ, interesting read :)
Hello mate, it's a tricky one as you're on a budget, but if you don't get decent trainers (approx £100) and a proper fitting by an indie running store you risk damaging you legs and ruining the whole experience,

Cheers, Tiger.
I went to a running shop, had a test on the treadmill etc, and found that I didn't need any kind of specalist trainers, they were pretty expensive averaging around £100.

I nipped into the local 'Sports Soccer' outlet and found a pair of Asics in the sale for £35 instead of £70 as they were last seasons style, who cares what they look like to be honest, they fit well and are comfy, winner :D
I shouldn't say this.

Go to a running shop specialist, get their expert advice and buy last years on-line.

I got made redundant from people doing that.
Hello mate, it's a tricky one as you're on a budget, but if you don't get decent trainers (approx £100) and a proper fitting by an indie running store you risk damaging you legs and ruining the whole experience,

Cheers, Tiger.
could not have said it better myself... best thing isto get your gait assessed; and then the shoes will be recommended... and it can be a minefield...

once you have that, try work out a bit of a regime, and stick to it; it will be hard if you are unfit, but will be worth the expense in the long run... besides... shin splints or worse suck... trust me on this one...
i recommend new balance trainers or asics,simple and cheap,don't bother with any of that air bubble gimmicky crap,doesn't support you properly & is basically overpriced junk,good running shoes are actually not too expensive ;)
I swear by my Rebok DMX's i have done 2 London Marathons and both times i have trained for and ran in them and they have still been usable for along time after.
I run at least 6 miles a morning 3 times a week and some times half marathons also circuit training weights squash and have never had a pair of trainers fitted. Some people swear by getting a full fitting each time.

I personaly go to Socer sport or what ever the budget sport shop is called and wont pay more than £40 I find Nike and Asics fit me best. I get through a pair of trainers every 3 months regardless of how much I pay. Some of the best distance runners in the world dont wear trainers. Just make sure they are running trainers they are comfortable and have a good bouncy soal.

Apparently High tech silver shadows were voted the best budget trainer for a few years running and only cost around £10 but having been forced to wear these in the forces I wouldnt recomend too much impact training in them.
I've just bought a pair of Mizuno Wave Ascend 4's - about £60. They've a decent level of padding, though not as much as some others out there, but they are designed for running off road, not on tarmac, so plenty of grip, nice chunky sole to them as well as more support around your ankle...

Best to find out if you run normal / over- / under-pronate first, then get some trainers that match your style and foot shape... if you're doing a lot of road running a decent pair of shoes will make a hell of a difference to your knees...

www.sweatshop.co.uk is where I got mine from (all be it instore...)
After 9 years in the forces i have had various trainers as above on the silver shadows but the army were always stingy ,my favourit of all time were a pair of New Balance looked shit but like ronseal they did what it said on the box secondly rebok and third asics

Saing that i currently have a pair of nike cross trainers that seem to be indistructable but i mostly use them for mountainbiking now as my knees are knackerd but that was more to do with running in boots with about 50 pounds on your back.

New Balance can be gotten quite cheeply if they are last years models on line but i dont know if they are copies or not .
id always buy the best you can get,asics are my favourite

if money is an issue then try decathlon,cheap own make no frills

or bourne sports
I went to a local shop to try some Asics and see what size was best.

Then I was real naughty and bought them on ebay for £20 inclusive of postage.

I am now completely in love with them as they make me walk fast!!! :lol:
Run in DM's nice and cheap, multi purpose use and will indeed help get you very fit!!!
depends what shape your feet are and how your body works (do you under/over pronate or neutral foot plant? high arch or flat footed? -a good running shoe shop will be able to tell you).

no one make of trainer will suit everyone as they all use different "lasts" ie mould shape, so you HAVE to try them on. Asics suit my feet perfectly so ive been using them for years and years, and when they wear out i just order last years colour of the top-spec training shoe and i know it will fit me perfectly- but be aware that more expensive doesnt always mean best as often the more expensive shoes are very lightweight and only meant for racing, so offer very little protective cushioning and support.

Ive tried other makes- saucony, nike etc but never got on with them, but other people i know swear by them so its all down to the unique shape of your feet. Dont have to spend loads either- when i was at uni i got by with a £40 pair that lasted just as well and never gave me any probs, they were just a bit heavier and didnt look as flashy.
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Running shoes on a budget?
shoes are cheap to run - fresh laces every so often and that's it!
It's running 40yr old cars on a budget that's tricky :crazy:
Thank fuck for that, thought some one was going to ask me to do exercise :lol::lol:
I bought some Inov8's from the local specialist running shop.
They're designed for off road running and have been brilliant. Only cost about £60 as well so don't break the bank.

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