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Ok, the glass smashed whilst driving in Cornwall a few weeks back. I put a static screen back in for the time being, new safari glass arrived yesterday from Creative.

The problem, after taking the screws out of the frame I am struggling to get the frame apart to put the new glass in! I guess it's because of the paint so as best as I could I removed it fron the joins in the frame but still no joy.

Any ideas?


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Creative! That's your problem! I remember we had to use a mallet and drift to gently tap the frames apart when will had to fit a new frame to my brothers (defective frame). BTW how long did it take them to send the glass? When you fit them together make sure they draw together evenly each side, (same goes for taking apart) I seem to recall we used some silicon lubricant. Send a pm to OP for more details :)
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