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shipping from states

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anybody recomend shipping company from the states to the uk
for cars plus roughly how much this costs :)
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Call kingstown shipping, approx 1300 to 1600 quid
Howdy marcus,

I was looking into this a while back and Kingstown was the name that kept cropping up. I've a feeling Johnny used these too but I may be wrong.

You could email them for a quote :-

[email protected]

just provide the zip code
cheer,s sent a email off there might be a nother ghia in the gang bobster might aswell make it a full house :D
you can always pass me your spare GT wheel then !!
you never know mate :hangloose
Mark isn't in there at the moment - I've a shipment pending with them right now, but Alan is dealing with it - used them before to ship my Ghia from Florida but they're quoting around £800 for an East-Coast (Newark-Southampton) shipping. That's with a RORO service so the car needs to be a runner, otherwise it's a container job (more wedge). After that there's the fees for customs clearance etc plus the 17.5% VAT on top of purchase price + shipping you're done :D

they are very good but may be a bit slow at the moment as I think Alan is on his own (others on holiday)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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