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Although unfortunately not a regular user i have had VWs since the late 80s but am asking the Vw community for help at this time.
This beetle was originally built by Andy and people will know of it.
Is was dropped off to a company to carry out works. I was trying to finish off what Andy (a magican with cars) had started and even though i am not flush with money i was trying to get to the 500 bhp figure. Its therefore an insult to me and to him. Funnily enough i have all the information on them.
SJH Automotive (Simon)
Unit 8, Harpur Hill Business Park
SK17 9JL

Jayne Heath
11 Haig Road
ST13 6BZ

They have taken a sum of money and not returned calls/emails or texts and they have now moved. But Jayne Heath still lives at the address above and is not answering her door.

This car in unique and all through not worth much in parts (they would have been paid more to finish it) it is mine all the same.

It has the back seats removed and a Volvo T5r engine installed. It has flared wheel arches to the back and did have Porsche seats inside and volvo Columbus newly refurbished black gloss alloy wheels running brand new toyo r888s and a fiberglass deck lid. The colour is multi coloured black metallic. It is too unique to be of use to others. I will upload photos.

If someone has been offered this car I would like to know, i also wants Simons address i think i know his surname but i need to recheck. If someone has this car i will pay for works carried out depending what has been done but also for the retun of the car, no other questions asked. If someone wants to approach Jayne Heath feel free you cant hide forever. But i will not be responsible of how information is gathered from her and i am not inciting violence. But i am offering a reasonable finders fee depending on whats left and and we are not talking a about a few hundred quid here it will be more, but i do want this back as it is mine and my cars are important to me. My mother wanted to see this car finished but she has now unfortunately died in 2017.
Any information that leads to them or the cars where about will also be gladly rewarded as I am presently trying to keep myself in check on these people.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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