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Skyway Streetscene 1987 NOS BMX *Now reduced!!!*

I am selling my Skyway Streetscene to raise a bit of cash. The bike and components are all from 1987 and NOS. This beauty really has never been ridden. full spec is below

Skyway Streetscene 1987

Skyway Streetscene with thread in standers
Chrome Tioga MX 2 headset
Chrome Odyssey Gyro 2

Skyway Tuff II's (black)
Odyssey barefeet (black)

Black chromoly 175mm cranks
Black Welgo DX copies
Black Tuf Neck Power Disk and 44t chain wheel
Red chain wheel bolts
Chrome Z chain
Schwinn 28 thread bottom bracket

Black Skyway Pro Ez Bars
Black Peregrine 45 Degree Stem
Red AME Tri Grips

Odyssey Evolver Seat with nose extension
Chrome GT laid back seat post
Peregrine seat clamp black and silver

Chrome Odyssey System 200 Brakes Front and Rear
Vans Koolstop pads (black)
Odyssey ratchet levers

The bike is currently on Ebay and I'm looking for £350 plus carriage.


Please email me with any questions.

I can deliver to Bristol Volksfest.

many thanks


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Thanks Dr Toast

Sadly the bike failed to make it's reserve and as I said in the auction I had the bike on display in a local surf shop in Exeter. I picked it up on Friday and much to my disapointment they have scratched a bit of the paint on the bottom tube in front of the crank section where it was on a stand. This is only visible on close examination as it's on the underside and behind the chain ring. Pics can be forwarded etc.

Based on this and the fact that I need the cash I will let it go for £275 plus delivery.

Someone will grab a very cheap bike that will be so very cool to cruise the show.



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i used to have one of these. when i was about 15 my next door neighbour gave it to me. mine was a non teardrop frame too. but never realised they were worth so much! unfortunately some older boys jumped me and stole it. i found it later and they had properly smashed it up as in bent frame, wheels, brakes, the lot!. after that i had a dyno comp! nice...
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