1966 Volkswagen Beetle 1300 - Tax Exempt £9995


2 Previous owners prior to myself shown on the logbook. It was owned by the same family (father and daughter) from 1968 until 2016. Parked up in 1998, it has since had a large amount of welding to return the vehicle back to the road. This includes:
  • both heater channels
  • spare wheel well
  • rear valance
  • engine side trays
  • both rear bumper mounts
  • front and rear inner arches
  • rear crossmember repairs
  • passenger door bottom

It retains all of it's original VW keys (2 sets) which fit all locks and ignition.

The original engine was removed, stripped and all seals replaced. It runs sweet and I drove it 600 miles to Belgium and back for its first ever journey without any issues.

Suspension wise it has 2" EVA dropped spring plates on the rear. On the front it has a 4" narrowed Aire Valley Speed Shop beam with a central air bag to lift the front up when driving. It's not a huge amount of lift, but enough to drive it comfortably without hitting everything in the road. The centre air bag means that it still retains standard front shocks and leaves.

It has had all new brake hard lines, flexis, drums, brake cylinders, master cylinder and shoes. Stops perfectly. I have upgraded it to a dual circuit master cylinder and it has a reservoir mounted on top to accommodate the air bag in the spare wheel well.

The electrics have been upgraded to 12V so no dim lights on a night. Brand new alternator to supply the air suspension. There is an additional switch box on the under dash parcel shelf to control the front air suspension. This also includes a small Bluetooth adaptor which is connected to a couple of speakers behind the back seat (these speakers need mounting properly as I just threw them in for the trip to Belgium). There's also another 2 way toggle switch pre-wired through relays for any additional accessories.

The seats are the original black 1966 seats with matching black door cards. The headliner is the original and in great condition, no tears at all! It retains it's original VW rubber mat flooring in both the front and the rear.

Outside it retains 90% of the original Fontana Grey paint. It still has a few areas of bubbling, but everything structural has been taken care of. I wanted to restore it back to being on the road without losing almost 60 years of character. It will come on it's original 1966 vented steel wheels with a full set of 5 hubcaps. I will be keeping the Gasburner alloys for my other Beetle.

It's a great car and I wouldn't hesitate to jump in it and drive it cross country tomorrow. Just have too many cars and want to free up cash to work on my house.

£9995 or near offers.

Call or text on 07986 263952

£9995 or near offers.

Call or text on 07986 263952