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slipping clutch

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the clutch on my 1300 '72 bug has recently started to slip when accellerating quickly or going uphill (engine/clutch under load)

the biting point is fairly close to the floor, so am i right in thinking it is beyond adjustment and needs replacing?

thanks :)
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Sounds like it needs replacing.
If the clutch was biting at the top, and no play in the pedal, then that may have indicated the cable was adjusted too tightly, hence causing a slip. But yours is just slipping. You might make it more comfy to drive by adjusting the cable, but it'll still slip. I'd guess that the fingers on the pressure plate are on their way out too, so it's going to need a complete kit (don't forget the release bearing, if it's not included in the kit).
thats what i thought - thanks peeps :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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