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I have a 1963 ragtop with stock suspension and a stock front beam. Front has an EMPI disc brake conversion with standard spindles. I am currently running stock 4.5J wide-5 smoothies and relatively skinny tyres (I don't recall the exact size). Rear wheels have 25mm EMPI spacers. I have no plans to lower.

I'd like to fill the arches out a bit better with wider wheels/tyres (still smoothies), and was wondering how far I can go with stock suspension? I was thinking 6J at the rear, with 215/65 tyres, but was not sure whether 6J would work at the front with a smaller tyre (e.g. 195/65) or whether I would be better going for 5.5J (or even sticking with 4.5J) at the front? Will the wider front tyres make it a pig to steer?

Would love to see pics of cars with stock suspension and different options!
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