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songs that remind you of holidays

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I have a few shows not included :D

The numa numa song reminds me of spain
crazy frog also reminds me of spain.
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Summer Holiday by that Cliff Richards bloke? :crazy:
Strangeways Hotel - Mike Harding.

oh... not that sort of holiday!
Pyro said:
Strangeways Hotel - Mike Harding.

oh... not that sort of holiday!
Paul Oakenfold - Dragonfly, sitting by the Duoro listening to Wolves howl with that in the background

Manic Street Preachers - Generation Terrorist, driving across the centre of Spain on back roads in 1998 every other song on the radio was MSP from that album.
That Rolf Harris curacticus tune

Any holdycamp in england :D
Urban cookie collective-the key the secret......reminds me of my first holiday abroad in tenerife when i was 19!

Cypres Hill and Roni Size-children of the wild west (i think thats right).....from my last trip abroad in a yacht in the greek islands, we had it blasting out as we crossed the finishline of the round the island race in first place :D !
when we were young by the killers when i was in Istanbul 2 weeks ago

The whole of 'Definitely Maybe' by Oasis reminds me of Cyprus, where I went on holiday in 1996, 'cos every single bar was playing it ALL OF THE TIME - GRRRR!!!!!! :D

Massive Attack's 'Mezzanine' reminds me of China, 'cos I spent a lot of time lying on the top bunk on a smelly, noisy sleeper train listening to it, trying to drown out the sound of the tinny PA which broadcast some Chinese marching music :D

And Snap's 'The Power' reminds me of dancing in a cheesy club in Ibiza in 1989 :D
that dance song that says 'needing you' in it

david morales ?

and the stardust one from the same summer
Stardust - music sounds better with you - Ibiza 98
Sweet Home Alabama - Anywhere in the Caribbean, bloody yanks :incheek:
this year in Tunisia....

Hips don't lie ~ Shakira
World, Hold on ~ Bob Sinclair
Everytime we touch ~ Cascada
los del rio - tequila boom boom ~ balli di gruppo

Turkey (last year)

Gasolina ~ Daddy Yankee
Hollaback Girl ~Gwen Stefani

Crete (2 years ago)

Cha Cha Slide ~ Dj Casper :lol:
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Gasolina also... reminds me of a trip to the czech republic

and OPM, heaven is a halfpipe when we visited scotland and the rented car's radio was stuck on Radio 1
Who let the dogs out.... :rolleyes:


No prizes to those who guess where I went in the summer of 98?

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