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Spirit of Air charity show pics

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Here's a few I tried to get up yesterday but I couldnt get onto the site. Decent show, seemed to have grown a lot from last year :hangloose

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Can get more up later if its what people are wanting :)
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thanks for coming and puting pic on site the boss
Misty's Quest said:
aha... I'm sure I saw this van in the car park at Exeter Services yesterday and didn't twig where he was coming from :)
looks great and lots of money going to charity :cool:
we couldn't make it as we had such a nightmare getting to corby friday night, we were too knackered and opted for the local show instead.
well done !!
We were there and had a really great day - there was an excellent laid back feel, and the setting was perfect. There's talk of making it a 2 day show next year with camping too. Looking forward to next year already.
name change for 2007 bugging in dorset date 16th sep put on by spirt of air
Misty's Quest said:
Thats my clubmate Rich from VW Fleet South Coast 62 bug.Got best 'Rust & Prime'.
Thanks for a great show Spirit Of Air. Fleet WILL be there again next year!
a few more pics for you :D :hangloose

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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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