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split dating

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No no going out with the oppersite sex.... more the age of my bus!

I'm trying to date my '55 11 window standard that i've just bought. I will get a birth certificate when i get back from holiday but you know what it's like, i want everything NOW! :rolleyes:
Anyway i've tried looking on thesamba:
and it's somewhere between feb-march. knowing it's a splitty and not a barndoor makes it march but, and i'm prob' having a blonde moment, i don't see what's going on with the numbers...
anyway here they are and any light shed on the matter would be cool
Cheers Anton

20 120 525 :D
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Yep its a 55 :p :lol:
The only info I can find is on these two site,
dont think they're much help though dude.


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