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1 rustfree late split beam,this is bare as robbed all bits for sdjustable beam £40

1 rustfree pre 63 beam with trailing arms,stub axles/backing plates no drums,one stub axle needs thread looking at £50

right hand drive pitman arm(steering arm on beam) hard to find in rhd £40

late split fibreglass tailgate hinge/spring mecanism cover,this covers the spring mechanism right across the back,never seen another £40 good useable condition,would need painting for show bus

rare enders propane stove perfect for a westy,was going to use as roofrack trinket as never tried to get it working(might need a couple of fittings making to get it working) neverthe less very rare £65

westy so42 rectangular interior lampshades excellent condition with new switches and ali brackets £50

westy cargo door/ice box table leg/prop this is the goldy coloured one suitable for so43/so23 etc. £25

westy so42 wardrobe mirror with o.g plastic brackets £20

repro so42 spice racks £150

repro so42 spice rack brackets exact copies £15

split screen and bay baltic birch wooden headliners £125

baltic birch side panels £varies on quantity

reproduction devon interiors copied faithfully from original interiors,constructed from oak to exact original specifications £poa

custom interiors also catered for bay and split £poa

westy repro interiors bay and split £poa

basically if you need anything in wood for your bus contact me cheers

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was that the interior in the Van at Stoner... with the cuttelry in the nice wallet...
that looked tooo good to be 40+ years old (green/cream van I think)

If so.. the pics don't do it justice.. very nice and professional jobbie

why do people buy MDF and Ikea doors... when yiu can get good looking stuff like this... If anything these interiors will hold their value and wear better... and they fit real nice....

PS... Nowt to do with me.. just like to see good quality and comment on it.
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