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splitty lowering-someone must have knowledge?????????

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ok, so i am being a muppet! i have a 65' split with lowered front beam and turned 2 splines on rear. i've reliably been informed the only way to pass the mot without getting irs set up and dropped spindles is to cut the bump stops off. i've had a look and the front looks fairly straight forward. can someone confirm if the front are cut off at the beam and if i cut off both ends of the bump stops at the rear, including the metal attaching the stops
don't want to butcher the bus without advice from a fellow butcher
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i think someones "reliably" been feeling you a load of bollocks mate
it should be fine for an mot mate aslong as it aint sitting on the rear bump stops

thats just it, it is sitting on the bump stops front and back! the only way to sort it is to cut the bastards off i guess!!?? any butchering advice
well the fronts should have been cut off already really, the rear? well im not 100% on splittys but on bays it had a rubber jobbie, which you can cut down a section at a time, or just pull off compleatly! good luck!
is its a S/W box you have on ther or you still runing reduction boxes?!?!
cant see you are two splines at back and still have bumpstops at front must bounce like mad cut fronts of and remove rubber stops at back
hi barny,im goin irs now not s/a,picking up full 68 bay rear axle n brakes soon so just gearbox n chassis legs n im done...
howz u mate? :)
hows u
do you still want me to fit it?
dan has 1302 box if you nag him loads he may sell
yes mate if thats all cool?could you pm me dans number please mate,looks like i gotta do some serious grovelling.. :)
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