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stainless running boards? or not

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i have to replace my running boards here...
whats my best options?
im kinda taken with the idea of the stainless ones, but i cant find any pics of cars with them on

can anyone post up some pics before i go buy some?

Thanks in advance
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post a pic of yr bug n do a poll of yay or nay, am sure somewhere along the line someone has a pic too(just want to see yr bug really) :D
Sorry but this is a very bad picture taken on my phone a while ago (my seats are all pink now :incheek: ). I have the louvered style which looked great until some drunk bastard decided to jump on one of them and nearly ripped it off the car, it bent very badly on the louvered bits so i couldnt totally straighten it out, so maybe go for the plain un-louvered ones for ease of straightening :)
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sorry have to sayy nay.....they are flimsy,week and bend with the slightest knock,the only good thing is they don`t rust.

no sorry...not for me
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