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surface processing is the place

Here is the quote I got for a bug:-

Many thanks for your enquiry.

We confirm below the costs to process your VW Beetle as follows.

To chemically clean the bodyshell and panelwork £695.00 + VAT

We can also offer a priming service as follows:

To zinc phosphate and electrophoretic coat (immersion primer) ñ Recommended
£775.00 + VAT

If you require the chassis stripping the cost would be £210.00 + VAT and the
same again to have it electrophoretic coated.

You can find further information in the downloadable pdf files on our

Turnaround at present is generally around 21 days from receipt.

All prices are subject to VAT.

All prices are quoted ex-works.

We can offer a transport service at an extra cost but it is generally
cheaper to hire a van and/or trailer for the day. If you require a price for
transport please enquire around the time the shell is ready for process


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Vzi is uncanny I was justgoing to post a question on Dipping and I saw this post on stripping....

Surface Processing Ltd
Unit 20, Sovereign Works, Deepdale Lane,
Lower Gornal, Dudley
West Midlands

Tel: 01384 242010
Fax: 01384 242090

so to zinc phosphate it's £910
but needs to be dipped first at £816

£1700 even before paint, may be I'll think again.

Although... zinc coating...
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