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Stroker in '55 oval

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I'm looking at fitting a 2007cc (78/90.5) motor into my '55 beetle.

Does anyone know if the wider engine will fit straight into engine bay, or do the side trays or inner wings have to be chopped about?

Also on a totally different subject, what colour is the split ragtop on pg 66 of latest ultra vw, stratos silver or summit else (if a vw colour at all!)

Appreciate if someone can help.
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I`ve got a 2165 (94 x 78) in a 1300 shell, with no cutting or chopping, its a little tight when getting it in, infact i usually take the rocker covers off to give me another couple of inches when fitting, but once its in its fine.
Do you have removeable rear valance?
Nath H said:
Do you have removeable rear valance?
No i dont, although at times i have wished i had, it is very tight at the pulley end too when getting the lump in, but i tend to mainly put the engine in as a long block now and build the rest back up in the car, fan housing, dynamo, carbs etc.
cool, thanks for your help.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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