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YIPPIE Andy is out of his bright pink flamed plaster (look out for it on ebay) is starting to wieght bear slowly (but theres a lot to bear :D ) and can at last have a good soak in the bath (hoorah :D) Worst news of all for him is that he probably won't be surfing this side of 2006 :( But good news for us all as now he can start to make drinks and more importantly carry them :incheek:
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Good lad :) glad to hear he's finally pulling his weight again :p
Well not exactly quite yet but we're working on it ;) And he is trying too!!!!!!! Can't wait to get out of the chauffers gear :)
thebetterhalf said:
and can at last have a good soak in the bath
the first bath after the cast come's off is better than sex..
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