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summer or winter whitch do you prefer?

  • summer

    Votes: 19 79.2%
  • winter

    Votes: 5 20.8%

summer or winter

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whitch do you prefer and why?
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i chose summer i do like the cold! and dark mornings! it harder to get up.

right now, loving the colder days because it's meant the jumpers have come out...

love summer because of the long day though...
Yeh I think both too.

Summer... the shows, daylight for sooo much longer

Winter has the most beautiful mornings.

Yeah, both for me too. Summer for the long days and evenings in the garden - winter for the cozy long nights in :)
call me scrooge, but i hate everything about winter... :mad:
:( I loathe and detest the winter with the cold cold days and the dark nights think I have S.A.D so have already started popping the St Johns Wort in an attempt to stay cheerful get really excited when it is still light at 4.30 pm. :(
i voted summer but glad to have a change. Wouldnt like to live somewhere hot all year.
I like both but I prefer autumn/spring to winter/summer :)
i like summer for the long days you can do what you like and still see what your doing. But im not good in hot weather.

I also like winter too i like it when its sunny but theres a slight chill in the air.
Like 'em both...

Summer for the warm long days on the beach

Winter for the bigger swells meaning better surf
yay to me!!!!!!!!

i'm the first to vote winter!!!!!!

i dont like the summer coz i'm so pale that i burn really easily ... don't get me wrong i love all the summer activities like going to the shows and all but there is nothing nicer than the cold and snow and it being dark at 4 in the afternoon .... oh and roll on january ... coz i'm going snow boarding!!!!! :D

Colleen! :crazy:
frosty_the_snowboarder said:
call me scrooge, but i hate everything about winter... :mad:
scrooge :rolleyes:

i like summer because you can live outside...al dentÈ stylee, and you can proper veg out

i like autumn cos its beautiful

i like winter cos you can sit infront of a log fire and be warm, and look outside at the world

i like spring cos its when the world comes to life again :crazy:

i like everything :lol: :D
I like Autumn and Spring best. Not too hot, not too cold.

summer cos it makes pub gardens more comfy to sit in :bandit:
frosty_the_snowboarder said:
call me scrooge, but i hate everything about winter... :mad:
even snowboarding?
DaisySair said:
even snowboarding?
ok, i should really have rephrased that to "i hate everything about winter... in england" ;)
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