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Superb Quality JL subwoofers in box and DLS Amp

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SERIOUS sub setup for car / van - This kit kicks out a huuge amount of bass and sounds very nice at both high and low volume.

This is ready to run, just connect to battery + phono. I used to use an inline gain controller on the phono leads, but this was just my preference.
This is high quality kit and cost me a lot to start off with:

The amp is prewired into the subs (2 ohm parrallel setup) running at 1200 watt (i think).

Also comes with about a metre of 1 gauge wire and the same again but at 2g - this is a heavy duty system and requires a decent alternator 70amp min i would say, but the capacitors do help a lot to prevent surges!

Bought individually this kit would cost around £1200 - so sensible offers please - please see the links to the current prices - the amp alone is still selling for £700!

Wiring is a bit messy in the photos, but all had to be un-tacked when removed from car (was in an E36 BMW, ftted perfectly up against rear seats) - i'm sure you'll all have your own requirements so i haven't retacked onto the sub box.

I'm looking for about £800, but please contact me with offers.
PM me - this will go on ebay in 2 weeks.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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