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T1-Bolting on the body- Whats the best way?

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As titile, I need advice on the best way to bolt the body on, body fitted with new floor pans and heater channels.
The heater channels are drilled and fitted with new rubbers.. how can i safely bolt it on? . do i drill through from the bottom or are the heater channels threded ? And if not do the holes come through into the channels?
The body is bolted on at the front and back ..i then realised i'd missed the sides !!

Thanks in advance, its the first time ive fitted one.
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The heater channels have threads in them, so just work your way around the car, putting the bolts in very loosely. The bolts have pointed ends to help them locate into the threaded holes. You may have to get a scalpel or very sharp craft knife to cut back any rubber which is blocking the holes.
Once you've got all the bolts in, then go round & tighten them up.

You might need to shove the body around a bit as it's been off the pan, so that it all the bolt holes line up properly
Thank you for the info, phew!! glad i dont have to take it off again.
cheers ... tony
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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