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Has anyone got the digifant wiring diagrams to allow you to fit it into the T25? Is the engine loom seperable from lights etc on the golf? I figure this would be the easiest given the fact that the T25 was originally a 2.1 injected wasserboxer...



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Only ever done one digifant conversion conversion and that was a few years ago.

IIRc the engine loom was seperate from the lights etc unlike Mk3s.

As for wiring it up it is sooooooo simple, i havent got any notes etc as leant my haynes out and they were tucked into the cover (and never got it back)

BUT, as above, it is really simple. From what i can remember it was two or three wires from the Golf loom, nothing more than that.

Two relays - one for power to ECU and one for fuel pump. IIRC its switched earth for fuel pump from ecu that goes to one relay, t'other was basically feed for ECU. Over and above that it was live feeds from battery/earths for relay, switched earth from T25 loom.Cant remember which relay i took injector feed from. Cranking signal to starter. Job Jobbed

Think i used this site for pin outs


This link has good pic of T5 connector (UK ones wont have lambda in) which is basically all the ones you have to adapt/connect/hack


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