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Both on Ebay:


CSP products Volkswagen Waterboxer inlet manifolds to suit Weber IDF and Dellorto DRLA carbs, designed for both 1.9 and 2.1 engines. Extremely rare in the UK and superb quality. Everything you need is in the kit bar carbs and linkage. Plenty of material around the ports for match porting.

New and unused. NLA from UK stockists.

Probably the only chance you'll get to own them without getting some from Germany.

Please note T3 means Transporter 3, not type 3 :)


JAZ 220-001-01 Nitrous Enrichment Fuel cell

Nitrous Enrichment
# Nitrous Enrichment Fuel Cell 1 - Gallon Capacity
# 6'' L x 6'' W x 12'' H

Use Fuel Cell Mount Kit P/N 547-400-001-03.
All JAZ Fuel Cells are rotationally molded in seamless cross-linked polyethylene that exceeds SFI 28.1 specs and are accepted by most sanctioning organizations. Every JAZ fuel cell uses mil spec aviation safety foam. This foam is far superior and has a 10 times longer service life than that of other non fuel approved foams on the market.

Light use for 1 season in my race car. Has fittings and blanks for use in a N/A sportsman car. As new condition. Ally around bottom outlets is from the old mount in the car and is easily removed.

Grab a bargain - $147 from Jegs!

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