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tech help please, (computer )

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i think my computer is poorly i left it on during a thunder storm and the power went off a few times ,
since then i have been having probs with it,
if i try and save something, ie a picture or file i get a pop up saying "........ because the source file could not be read"
anyone got any idea what im on about ?
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post the exact error message, or a screenshot of it.
Is this only when you try to save? or also when reading some files?
you tryed running scandisc/chkdisc should kill or cure it Lol
heres a dodgy pic i just took of the message !

i have tried resetting the computer to a date previous to the "lightning incident" !,
and have done the dell maintenance check but no change
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it doesnt always do it when i save (i just saved pyros sherlock picture for example!)
but appears mostly when i try and open a file (ie the pics of a mk1 that im thinking of getting :mad: )

whats a scandisk (get the impression i should know, but i dont!)
Ok - looks like a temp file and therefore nothing to worry about...

So - do this

Click start
Click run
Type '%temp%' (without the 's) and press enter
This should open up a window with a load of temporary files
Press CTRL-A which should highlight the lot.
Delete them
If it says one can't be deleted as it's in use press CTRL and click on it to un-highlight it
Delete the rest
Repeat ad nauseum
Run scandisk
Run defrag
Get a virus scanner and run a full check
Get an anti-spyware and run a full check


Edit: Scandisk and Defrag are found by double clicking my computer, right clicking your hard drive, selecting properties and then going to the tools tab
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done the above ,but,it is still the same !!
i cant remove some of the temp files "because they are being used" (how do i get rid of these ones ?)
and i cant download any new anti virus / spyware because i cant download!
will hitting it help ?
judging from past experience i have had can i ask how your computer is plugged in, e.g. Does it go straight into the wall or is it one of those long white things with lots of slots for plugs. If it is one of those white things is it an anti surge because looking at some past experience if it isnt an anti surge one your hard disk drive may have becomeslightly faulty. Your quitelucky its still working becauselighting really does screw your computerup if its turned on.

No amount of anti virus or scanner will help you fix this problem i'm afraid. Best get it to yourlocal computer shop and explain it to them. Or try anotherharddisk driveif you haveone lying around.
did you do a complete scan with scandisk including disc detecting bad sectors? you'll know if you did cos it'll take ages
IT guru here....

Hard Drive sounds spanked to me if the system restore didn't do anything...
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