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Thanks guys ...

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Thank you to baja63, barkyd, garethj and to Mark who bought the car ;) and those who expressed an interest in it...

Really sad tale behind the reason for sale but I wont go into details other than the fact that the widows Mum rang me to ask if I could help the car 'find a new home' as it was so upsetting for her to keep seeing it.

Its fair to say that with my request for help on here and the guys above jumping to action we 'moved it on' as painlessly as possible. Her Mum rang me earlier and thanked me for sorting it.

Its nice to know that sometimes this place is able to genuinely do really good things ;)

Cheers, Paul :)
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anytime..... :hangloose
I'm the guy that bought the car and it is so nice being back behind the wheel of a dub.

She sure is a lovely car and will be with me for a very long time.
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