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Riiiiiiiight... So we took 8500 photographs, nearly 40Gb... Obviously I'm not going to post them all up but even just the highlights will make for a large thread!

I'll keep this thread for the cars, we should do another for the people/places etc I guess.

The full gallery is going here:


so have a good look through :D

Words can't begin to describe the week... Amazing as always... The scale of the event still staggers me, and this year we had SCORCHING weather, just a quick thunderstorm towards the end of the week blotted a perfect record but it didn't matter cos we were indoors :D

Hope you like the pics :D They're roughly in date order (although they jump around throughout the days as I process the pics off each camera), the first pages of this thread will be from Monday 18th, that's DAYS before the actual show even started! Imagine having hundreds of cool Beetles milling about in Wellingborough three days before Bug Jam :lol:

Oh, and as it says on them - all taken by me, Abi, Rainking and Jon Dimond :D

1 - 20 of 707 Posts