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No, it's not about cars! :lol:

My wife recently had a short independent documentary made about her as an artist which is now on 'public release'. Thought some might be interested…


The Artist and The Machine follows the highs and lows of Hastings-based artist Lorna Hamilton-Brown

Previously referred to as the 'Banksy of knitting', Lorna works in many mediums but this film focuses on the power of the stitch to create knitted pieces of art. Lorna's work is at times socially charged and poignant but is always meticulously planned and brilliantly executed.
This film explores the person behind the art and why the small coastal town of Hastings where she lives is so important to her creative process. We are shown how Lorna blends a creative, hands-on craft with the almost OCD, mathematical side of vintage machine knitting to amazing effect.

From crushing self-doubt to flourishing creativity, this is a story everyone can relate to, told through the voice of one the UK's most unique political artists.

Crafts Council Real to Reel Film Festival 2016 (UK)
13th Annual Bend Independent Film Festival 2016 (USA)
BAFTA Qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2016 (UK)

A film by Reuben Armstrong www.reubendesign.com
& Jamie Neale www.jamieworks.com
Sound - Jamie Frye www.jamiefryesound.com
Colour - Joseph Bicknell www.cheatit.co.uk
The Artist - Lorna Hamilton-Brown www.lornahamiltonbrown.com

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