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The Stainless Man

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Whilst restoring our own cars we have come up with the idea of making kits to save money and time for everyone and to try and bring down the cost of restoring VW's

The Following kits are avalible from us in stainless unless stated.

Chassis Kit

From what I have seen, this is the best kit on the market by far, let alone the cheapest

22 Stainless chassis washers
26 Pointed bolts (4 for the rear cross member)
4 Large bolts for the bulk head
4 Small washers for rear cross member
2 large bolts for body to shock mount
2 thick washers for body to shock mount
2 bolts where your body bolts to the top of the beam under the petrol tank


Door Kit 68 on

12 large allen head bolts to replace the cross head bolts in the hinge
12 small allen head bolts to replace the striker plate bolts and door lock bolts in the door panel.

I have looked at replacing all the internals on doors but I can not see the point as I have never had a problem with these ones. Although if you did want them I could do them.


Door kit Oval

16 large allen head bolts to replace the door hinge bolts
6 small allen head bolts to replace the striker plate bolts, these are machined by me to get them to fit.
8 even smaller allen head bolts to replace the door lock bolts in the door panel.


Under bonnet kits

These kits replace

petrol tank bolts
hinge bolts
bonnet handle
petrol tank flap bolts

These kits are for

1303 £3.50
Bug 68 on £3.50
Oval £3.00

Suspension Kits

Please note all these kits are in zinc plated high tensile steel and not stainless. These kits are can also be done in titanium, but be warned it is very expensive. I can let you know the prices for titanium if you want them.

Spring plate IRS
Spring plate swing axle
IRS shock bolt kit

All these kits are £2.50 each

I will add kits to this list as and when I make them.

Postage on the kits varies. I can post upto 2kg with Royal Mail which is insured and gauranteed for £7.40. I can post the smaller items 1st class, I have done this with certain people and they have recieved their goods, but this way is at your own risk as we all know what the mail service can be like ;)

If you are interested in any of the kits or want to know any info please mail me on [email protected] putting chassis washers in the subject so I know it is safe to open it.

Thanks and happy restoring

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Hello, are you doing wing fitting kits and exhaust kits as well for a beetle 69 Karmann . Thank you for your time.

SEE YA said:
Hello, are you doing wing fitting kits and exhaust kits as well for a beetle 69 Karmann . Thank you for your time.

I am doing wing kits and exhaust kits. The wing kit I should have details by the end of the weekend and have them posted up. Just a little bit confused as my cars are to rusty to figure out haw many bolts I need. I have checked the 1303 and that has got 10 rear and 8 front but we are getting other cars checked before I post the info up. The exhaust kits will take a bit longer as we are going to do them when we strip and engine, I dont know when we are going to do this but as soon as I know I will post them details up.

Excelllent, keep me informed please off on hoilday tomorrow back on the 29.So no rush off to OZ .

Another kit to add to the collection.

Wing Kit

36 bolts and washers to, funnily enough, to hold your wings on. I think its 36 anyways. I have checked both my cars, a bit hard really as the 74 has rusted up 8 inches and the 61 was turned into a Baja thing by someone. So its a bit of guess work. These do not include the bolts that hold the running board on, they will be in the running board kit.

New kit added.

Torsion bar cover kit - all bugs

8 stainless steel bolts and spring washers to hold the torsion bar cover on. These have a 17mm head on them unlike the VW ones that have a 15mm head. You need to put them on with a 3/8th or 1/4" rachet set. If you try it with a 1/2" the socket will not fit in the gap. We have put them on a 61 and a 1303 bug so I know they fit.

Pictures of the kits, I was that bored last night as the g/f was at a parents evening I took them. How sad is that, but it will give you an idea of whats what.

Wing Kit

Not all the washers are there!

Under bonnet kits

Oval, 1303 and 68 on bug

Spring plate kit

Shock kit

Torsion bar cover kit

Door kits

Will be adding more when I take more pics

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New Kit

Rear shock kit swing axle

Same as the IRS shock bolt kit just for swing axle bugs!

Will be at the Split Screen owners bash at the ace cafe and Slough Swapmeet if anyone wants anything at these meets.

1303 kits, some of these work out on the pricey side of things but thats because we are using Stainless caste nuts and they are not cheap :incheek:

Anti Roll Bar kit

Everything needed to bolt up your anti roll bar


Steering kit

This replaces everything to do with your steering on a 1303. All the bump stops, castle nuts, track rod clamps etc.


Front Bulk Head

All the big bolts and nuts to bolt your body to the pan. There are a few more items on a 1303 compared to a beam/swing axle bug.


Front Strut

All the bolts and nuts and washers to do your stuts up


Thats pretty much the 1303 all done, please keep in mind these kits are not for the Golf strut that was used later on.

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do you have a pic of the chassis kits for a 67 bug? cheers
Here it is, sorry I forgot to put it up!

In this picture I am missing 2 chassis washers, the 2 bolts and washers that go under the petrol tank and the 2 large but short bolts and washers that hold the body to the shock mount at the rear but you get the idea of the kit.

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Hi thanks Mark for the kits. Must say good quality product and service. I will be ordering some soon for my bug but Bev is happy with hers thanks.

vw misfit said:
Hi thanks Mark for the kits. Must say good quality product and service. I will be ordering some soon for my bug but Bev is happy with hers thanks.

Not a problem at all. Thanks for the thanks, its what makes it worth while.

Hello, just got back this morning from OZ time of my life what a great country !!!!!!!!!. I please have a list of your stainless steel kits for a beetle 69 Karmann .After exhaust kit wings petrol tank etc.

Thank you for your time.

Right I have had an idea about all this. I am trying to put kits together for cars I have never owned or even seen close up before in my life so I have come up with the idea like a self service. Simply, this means you doing some of the work but it is a fail safe way of you getting what you want. It goes a little something like this (huh)!

You take off the nuts, bolts and washers that you want.

You put 1 of them in a money bag with a little note of how many you need.

You put the money bags in an envelope send it to me.

I let you know how much the items will come to, you say yea or nay.

I know this is a bit unconventional but obviously this will save me having to buy evey model of air-cooled volkswagen ever made to get all the possible kits together that I can, not that I would not want to its just I dont have the space, money or understanding neighbours to have that many stripped down VW's (not to mention the girlfriend or the time).

Let me know what you think by replying to [email protected]


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New kits.

Engine Kit

Everything to do your engine tinware including all your ancilliaries on your T1 Bug. So if you are rebuilding and want it to look the nuts this is the kit for you. It also has the bolts and screws to replace your deckild lock and hinges so it all looks loverly under there. 3 types available, you need to let me know when you order. All the parts are in stainless steel.

Original "cheese head" screws
Hex head, 10mm size
Allen key head


Exhausts kits.

All the nuts and stuff to replace the gear you got. All in stainless.

Standard £4.50
4 into 1 £4.50

More kits to follow including buses
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got my kit well pleased thanks mark
New kit

Running board

All the bits needed to get your runners bolted in.

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Got some kits ready for bays.

Cab doors (early bays) £5.00

Rear window hatch £4.50

Rear shock £2.50 (zinc)

Spring plate kit £10.00 (zinc)

I have a door kit for early type 3's as well. This comes in at £5.00

I also do the following bug kits which are the same for bays

Type 1 engine tinware kit £9.00 and ancilleries £4.00
4 into 1 exhaust £4.50
Standard exhaust £4.50
Torsion bar cover kit £4.00

if you are interested please mail me on [email protected]


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