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Theory on gravity

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Having spent a lot of time thinking i have come up with the following,

if, theoretically, there was a hole bored through the center of the planet from crust to crust and you were to jump in this hole would you eventually become stuck in the core as the force of gravity pulled equally from all sides?
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Yes, though you would most likely burn to a crisp well before you got to the core.;)
obviously, but this is theoretical so ignoring that you'd just be suspended forever.
well i think gravity would become less nearer the centre of the earth, so you`d probably float. You could probably crawl out, although theses a possibilty if you fell down the hole, the gravity and acceleration even as it became less would actually throw you out the other side, as you would have inertia going through a non gravitation space near the centre so would therefore slingshot out the otherside.

thats my theory anyway, all you gotta do is watch lost in space and sit thinking about space for a minute and how much gravity there is on the moon and apply together :tick:
I'd be more concerned about being eaten by the giant ants down there.
nobody told me about giant ants, your medication must be stronger than mine.
What if you spent all that time boring a hole, then found out there was no middle?
explain?, do you mean like a flat earth theory?
dogfood, these giant ants are clearly on the surface of the planet. now should gravity make you hover in the center but there are giant ants down there how do the ants get up to the surface?

should i really be asking this?
whitearmy61 said:
explain?, do you mean like a flat earth theory?
No, just when you got there, there was no centre.
But if there was no centre there, how would you know when you were there?
as long as you remember there is no spoon you`ll be ok.
veedubbya said:
No spoon where?
well how else we gonna bore a whole in the earth, grab a spoon and start digging!
see i'm lost now, i started this thinking i'd throw something silly at people but the spoon bit has just stumped me.
I've found that gravity is strongest first thing in the morning, esp around my bed :crazy: It's also pretty strong after a skin full too :incheek:

So I'd avoid these times at all cost ;)

If you could knock out wind resistance & if you didn't touch the sides (we all know that one, eh fellas?!), you'd oscillate between the two crusts, emerging your own height above the hole at either side (if you hopped into the hole feet first)
Gravity is non existent

The earth sucks!!

yep i agree with synchro gravity doesnt exist its all in the mine we can fly if we want but we are glued to the floor.
You would stick in the middle because the earth is filled with vanilla fondant. Although some believe it has a rasperry cream centre and others a soft nougat.

Someone lost the piece of card with the centres on it, so we don't know for sure.
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