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Thing i need to know to build"Herbie"

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Hi guys, i have been forced by my nine year old to turn the 63 i am building into a herbie replica.

Are there any things i need to know to make it look authentic

what colour is he and the paint code?
What wheels
bumbers(are they just american spec?)

And any other bits you think need a mention.

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Sorry, I'm not gonna help a lot, but for me....

Herbie is to Beetles as Ewoks & Jar Jar Binks are to Star Wars. :D
Yeh my nine year old son loves them as well!
Yep got one of them to go in.......
I'll send someone an email in a min, he's totally clued up on what's what Herbie wise. I expect he'll reply a little later.
Well Herbie is a 1963 model Beetle so you are already off to a great start ! As Tomarse says, you also need a ragtop sunroof in a dark grey colour which again you have. The paint colour is Pearl White, L87 is the code and any paint company should be able to mix that for you. Pearl White is a strange colour though that looks greyish in certain lights so double check whoever resprays your car gets it the correct shade with that code. Herbie also has US spec bumpers. As to wheels, depends what look you are going for. In the film "Herbie Rides Again" he used stock solid wheels and domed hubcaps but you'll need to go wider if you want the "race" look and tyre sizes are listed on our website at www.lovebugfans.com Correct Herbie wheels are available from a manufacturer in the US called " Boltons" which are banded but it again depends how involved you want to get. I used Porsche 356 replica style on mine.
The interiors on all Herbies that starred in the films were painted grey so to avoid camera glare. Some of us fans have gone for that, others prefer the interior to be painted in the same colour as the exterior as I have done.
Correct graphics can make or break a Herbie and reproductions are also available from a guy on our site. Don't make the mistake of placing the front 53 either too high or too low on the bonnet !!
Well that's a start !! Best of luck with the project and feel free to join our forum on the site where our members will be happy to provide you with further information.
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Thanks everyone,specially moby for going out of your way.i assume you emailed herbie uk,herbie uk great info and site,cant wait to get started! :D
You can have a look here to see how I built mine :)

Probably the first thing to think about is if you want to follow the look from a certain film or you're not too bothered.

Love Bug (and Fully Loaded) cars have a pale blue stripe, other films have a darker blue stripe. The 53 font for Fully Loaded is different, Monte Carlo cars had a darker sunroof, Monte Carlo and Bananas had pear shaped door mirror but earlier films had a round one..... you get the idea ;)
I looked at your thread really cool,i want the big steel wheels etc but like the look of the car from the love bug.blimey there is a bit more to it than painting and striping!! :D
Does anyone have the website for botons wheels?Ta
subdub said:
I looked at your thread really cool,i want the big steel wheels etc but like the look of the car from the love bug.blimey there is a bit more to it than painting and striping!! :D
You can do as much or as little as you want ;)

I can't find a link for Boltons wheels, will have a look later.

You could contact cirric on here, he got wide wheels from somewhere in the US
And remember that, to average Joe Public, any white beetle with 53 on it is a Herb :)
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