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1973 1300 wizard beetle, 1600cc unleaded conversion, 2 twin solex 40mm carbs, 4 tip Monza exhaust.
Right so I think the static timing is set properly, we emptied the little carb fuel filter bottle, filled it up with some fresh juice, then squirted some easy start in the carbs, fired her up, runs for about 10 seconds or so and dies unless more easy start is squirted in, my guess would be that the carbs aren't set up right or the fuel pump is knackered, as it doesn't do a lot unless you stick your hands over the carbs with the engine turning over.
any advice much appreciated as this is my first bug and im new to the site.
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As you mentioned, check fuel pump. I'm not familiar with dual carb setup, but if there is any kind of idle cut off valve, make sure it does click when you turn ignition on.
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