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Since getting my bug on mothers day i was hoping to go to at least a few shows, but due to dippy having some problems like not passing her MOT and needing some work done to her we haven't been able too. I am already planning shows we ARE going to, im even planning to go to Stonehenge as ive never been and would love too.

So the plan for next year is

Nag bloo to get car done :D

Win lottery to afford to go to shows and get car finshed

Nag bloo :D

Pass my driving test so i can drive to shows

Tell bloo that it is neccasary to take the car to the shops even though they are in walking distance :D

Move house

Nag bloo to decorate new house :D

Go to lots of shows

Tell bloo i need a super duper sleeping bag that don't let cold in :D

Go to more shows

Nag bloo that a tent is too cold and that we NEED a campervan :D
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