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Hi, this is my bay panel that i've owned for nearly 2 years. She has never let me down and taken me on plenty trips around the UK.
Bought her in 2005 and since then she has been great. The only repairs being:

New alternator and battery
2 new front tyres
ball joints
and a spot of welding to the jacking point

I have fitted a full width rock and roll bed in the back and panelled all the walls and carpeted them. She also has a nice black and white checked floor in the back.

She is my daily driver and she loves the beach. A real head turner and a really nice runner.

Thinking of selling to experience some other VW's, maybe a square back, an earlier bay or a splitty.

Here is a video of her on youtube

And there are loads of pictures of her on my bebo page

What kind of offers would you make?
Anything considered for P/X besides beetles.....as much as i love them i need the space for my BMX and my kiteboarding stuff.
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