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Time Flys

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just thinking how quick this year has gone. why does life seem to speed up afta ur 21. last 2 years have shot by, i even now have to stop and think when some 1 asks how old i am.

by the way im................................................

23 :crazy:

Soon be xmas aswell :D
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yes i realised that too, as when i was like 18 i said well by the time im 25 i`ll be a graphic designer, have my porsche 911(not a new one but still £10k at least!) and a place of my own with a misses and maybe the plan for some kids.

now im 25 in december.

I have the qualifications to say im a graphic designer, im 5k in debt through the courses, i do something else lookign after an office for a job which doesnt pay the designer wages, i still live at home, im single, but i do have a porsche bodykit for my 1303 :lol:

oh how time flies and you dont get things done.

next goal, by the time im 30.... :lol:
yah when my sister was my age she had moved out got her own house got marryed and had a kid on the way.

im still livin with parents and dateing my laptop lol :D and cant see myself havin enough cash to move out for a couple of years.

unless i find girlfriend with loads of cash :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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