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I haven't been for the last few years but I wouldn't rule out going again in the future. The first time I went was in '91 and had a great time (despite massive sun burn and getting sick from swallowing something dodgy while surfing!) and then I pretty much went every year until a few years back.
I can see people's arguments that it's changed and all that but from what I've seen on various trips to Newquay (both on RTTS and other times) it's not so much the event as the whole town that's changed over the years. I got chatting to someone in one of the shops when I was there last and she was saying how all the ammenities (cinema, etc.) have started closing down and more nightclubs springing up. Now the older locals don't really go out in the evening as it's all got a bit too much for them.
This is a right shame as the Newquay I remember from years ago was a really laid back and chilled place. Last time I went there was loads of aggro on the streets and a generally menacing atmosphere which put me right off.
As I said, this wasn't on a RTTS weekend, so the change in the show just seems to mirror something that's already happening to the place in general.

My apologies if I've pissed off any Newquay locals, I'm just saying what my mates and I have noticed happening to the place over the years. :group:

Shame really.
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